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You saved some money before leaving and you would like to make it last so that you can travel for as long as possible…

Here are some options for you to work in exchange of room and board:

These 3 websites have hosts who are looking for some « helpers » to come to their place and help them out. It can be families needing help with their home or their children, or farmer who need a hand in their fields, or some persons having their own business and needing help either for communication or construction…

In any case, you will work around 20 to 30 hours a week
in exchange of accommodation and / or food.

The good thing about these experiences is that you will go into some places you wouldn’t think of going, you will do things you wouldn’t think of doing and you will get to know local people as you are staying with them. Most of the time you will feel like part of their family. The purpose is the exchange, but more than the exchange of work for accommodation, is sharing each other skills, cultures and moments. If you are travelling alone, you will never feel like it.

For me it is probably the best way of travelling, because you will live the experience deeply.

This how I ended making drums, horseback riding without saddle, eating picking blueberries…

It is the same thing as Help Exchange / Woofing / Work away but with hostels. Work will be mostly cleaning or help at the reception and most of the time in exchange of accommodation only. The difference is that you will be more independent because hostels are centrally located, close to tourist attractions. And you will be part of the team, not with a family.

However, you do not need to sign up to a website to find them, you can simply send request by email. Some places call it “volunteering” and have their own job offer on their website.

You can check our job board for ads.

This is how I ended working in 9 hostels so far…

  • House sitting

The concept of house sitting is to take care of a house and sometimes pets and garden while the owners are on holidays. Basically, you will live their life without them.

It is interesting if you are looking for a place to have a break in your travel, if you want to take the time to discover a place or if you are working from home / online.

There are many websites for house sitting, here are a few: (Follow this link to get 20% Off the membership) (Follow this link to get 6 months more for free on your subscription)

I haven’t found any free one yet, but you might get a chance by looking at some facebook pages of the place you would like to house sit at.

However, I think it is not easy to make places and dates match. I also find that there are many sitters but not that many house sittings, so you have to spend a lot of time looking for it to be one of the firsts to reply. References will also be a good help.

This is how I ended not House Sitting yet 😉

If you are a traveller and would like to share other ways of work exchange or your experience of work exchange, tell us everything in the comment below.

If you are looking for helpers and you would like to share your job offer, contact us

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