OFFLINE GPS : The Magic of Technology


If the sense of direction is not really your thing stars are different between the Southern and Northern hemisphere,
If you don’t know how to read a paper map the store ran out of map,
If you are scared don’t have time to get lost…

It doesn’t really matter the reason why, but there will be for sure this one specific time when you’ll be glad to check your way outside mobile data coverage or avoiding huge expenses of roaming.

There are different ways to get maps and GPS that you can use without any internet connection, here are my 2 free recommendations for your smartphone: logo

  • is a free app you can download on your smartphone, then you can download the map of the country you are in or that you’ll be travelling to, and then you can use it offline as a GPS. The negative point of this app is that it struggle to calculate an accurate duration of your travel.

Google map logo

  • Google Maps is usually used through the internet, but you can download a selected portion of map on your smartphone that can be then used offline. The negative point is that it takes quite a bit of memory space, I would recommend to delete the map saved once you don’t need it any more.


Yes you heard me, you don’t have to have an internet connexion to use those apps! How convenient! It is definitely on my must have travel list. Also, I recommend having both of them to cross the datas and plan a more precise route. Also, don’t get me wrong, I love road tripping with a paper map too 😉

Now tell me about this one time when an offline GPS app got you back on track, I am so curious to read your stories below!

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