Happy Roque surfiando la ola de Puerto Malabrigo

CHICAMA, or the longest wave in the world


Chicama is well known for being the longest left in the world ! But it is also a magic wave for other reasons:

  • It works almost all the time
  • The wind rushes into the cliffs and returns facing the wave: Off Shore guaranteed
  • The peak is pretty quiet with few people (10 to 15 persons max)
  • Local people are cool
  • The spot is authentic (if you like industrial  ports 😉 ) far away from tourist activity

To relativize nevertheless. All this is only my experience and we talk about sea and surf, so we are never safe from a flat sea or extraordinary conditions that brings all the pros of the planet in the minute!
It’s still a wave of world-wide fame


On this picture, you can see Chicama surf spot. (The photo doesn’t show when it works, because when it works, I’m surfing of course!)

chicama la gauche la plus longue du mondeUnder extreme conditions, the wave can reach its maximum length of 2.5km (!) With a very fast section called El Hombre (in front of the hostel of the same name) where you have to be really fit apparently!


I surfed one meter wave but 700 meters long and  I had a lot of fun…

When it’s small, this spot is great to begin. There are also some surf lessons. So why not take your friends and make them discover the surf ?



When you are in the village of Puerto Malabrigo, you are at the end of the wave.

Aller au pic chicamaChicama is a point break, the bay counts several ones.
Walk up along the beach, you’ll go in behind the rocks at the end of the bay, and there you are at the peak ! Pretty cool.

I have never had current but when it gets bigger, the spot is well known for current.

For the really lazy ones, there is a taxi boat which takes you to the peak and come to pick you up at the end of your wave.



I rented an epoxy board and a really sh#*@# wetsuit!….
The board was badly repared and full of water (a real trunk) and the wetsuit had been stitched under the arms with fishing line (a real torture for paddling!)

When you like you don’t count 😉 so if you can, bring your own gear. Otherwise, we deal with it…



Puerto Malabrigo is a small and quiet industrial port, even if we were there during low season, I’m not sure it gets busier the rest of the year. The small market is nice, there are a few shops, restaurants and it’s easy to find accommodation. Prices are almost the same as the rest of the country.

NB: There is no ATM in the village, bring enough money with and keep it safely


We stayed at the historic hostel of the spot which gives its name to the fastest section of the wave because the owner was the only one at the time strong enough to pass it. Today, the hostel is run by his daughter. El Hombre, it was really cool and peaceful, a real surfers hostel, perfectly located to get to the spot.



We took the night bus to Trujillo, then we took a taxi to the other bus station. There, we jumped into an old bus which took us to Puerto Malabrigo in two hours. If I remember well, the bus was running every hour or so. Easy then…
From the center of Puerto Malabrigo, you can ask a tuc tuc to take you to El Hombre hostel, it’s a bit far to walk, especially if you carry a surf board.



For surfing, it’s the Mecca ! We’ll surely come back here on our next trip to Peru !




Level: Beginner to expert (depending on conditions)
Peak Acces : 15 to 30 min walk, surf taxi possible on spot
Type: Point Break
Direction: Left
Bottom: Sand
Wetsuit: 3/2

If you want more information, let’s talk in the comments below 🙂
Thanks Roque for having made us dream and being our best photo model/surfer!!




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